Why worry when the dispatch service you desire is at your door step and only just a phone call away?

We focus and are dedicated to on-demand same day deliveries. We offer the following specialized services:

Rush Delivery

Two-hour delivery from the time of call until delivery. (Distance permitting)


Your time sensitive package is personally hand-delivered as per your specific request.

Medical Deliveries

We provide healthcare delivery services, bio-specimen transportation for medical labs, hospitals, doctors, pharmaceutical and medical equipment providers.


Your order is picked-up and delivered on a predetermined route and schedule. Impress Courier Service provides routed and scheduled delivery solutions to those customers who require recurring pick-up and delivery of their packages. By choosing Impress Courier Service, you can relax and know that our driver can be there as often as you determine to deliver your time-sensitive packages.

Daily, Weekly or Monthly

Repeated scheduled shipment is picked-up and delivered at your request.
By setting up this service in advance, customers will usually have the same driver as well as discounted rates. Examples of this service can include: inter-office correspondence, publication delivery routes, bank deposits, printing needs, dock sweeps and much more.